SUPERHUMAN Q+A: Zayne Cowie, 9-Year Old Author + Climate Activist

Curiosity: climate change & activism

Photo courtesy of Eve Mosher, Zayne’s mom.

Photo courtesy of Eve Mosher, Zayne’s mom.

We were honored to sit down with a young and forward-thinking SUPERHUMAN Zayne Cowie, recently featured in the New York Times for his children’s book for grown-ups called Goodbye, Earth: A Story for Grown-Ups!  Zayne is a 9-year old climate activist and Friday striker who is passionate about saving our planet, and offered us some of his sage advice for how to make a difference, together.


  1. WASN: Hi Zayne, thanks so much for sharing Earth Day with us. Tell us what was your first a-ha moment to speak up about Climate Change?

    ZC: For me, it was when my mom read to me an article about Greta [Thunberg] 

  2. WASN: You've recently written Goodbye Earth!  in collaboration with the New York Times. Can you share a little bit about how the project came about?

    ZC: They contacted my mom and asked if I wanted to read the book for them. The New York Times wrote the book inspired by the tweets by me and other strikers. So really the book was written in collaboration with me and all the Friday strikers.

  3. WASN: What's one important message about activism that you want to share with our community?

    ZC: Go out on the streets and demand climate action. Real power lies with the people!

  4. WASN: What is one thing today we can do to take action against climate change? 

    ZC: Eat less meat. Stop flying and driving.

  5. WASN: Tell us, what's your superpower? 

    ZC: Being persistent and staying true to my mission!